Purpose: Contribute with effective and timely actions to provide to the vulnerable population to face the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission: Form a fund that starts with a million dollars to apply them transparently, efficiently and in a timely manner in activities where we can support the most vulnerable to face the pandemic.

Values:        Transparency     Integrity     Efficiency     Agility    Sensitivity

Execution: Initiative led by a group of companies committed to Nicaragua, through a trust operationally supported by the companies that form it, to run it privately, generating collaboration between donors and other relevant actors, depending on the beneficiaries. This initiative has no political or corporate flags of any kind.

Governance: The initiative’s governance and management structure is made up of a board chosen by the donors’ assembly, which determines the strategies and ensures the values ​​of the initiative and whose president is the link between donors and other relevant actors. Operationally, the fund will be managed through an executive committee made up of some board members including the president, an executive director and the trustee, the latter without a vote.

Lines of Action: The strategic guidelines will be developed based on the adaptability and flexibility that the initiative requires, taking care not to want to cover too much so as not to lose depth, relevance and effectiveness, and when necessary in coordination with the country’s health authorities.  Priority lines (capacity generated by initial contribution) and other potential lines (depending on obtaining funds) are considered:

  1. Priority lines:
    • Hygiene and Prevention (provision of basic hygiene and prevention products and information).
    • Food (water, food and basic medicines).
  2. Other potential lines (depending on obtaining sufficient funds):
    • Detection (Acquire detection RT-PCR type tests).
    • Assistance (Import and provide ventilatory support units for hospital facilities or finance the development of cheaper units in Nicaragua).
    • Protection (Help with materials and equipment on critical fronts).